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20 September 2023 Putting the Brakes on the AI “Runaway Train” Myth John Ghrist 383
20 September 2023 Tech Project Management - Project Definition, An Introduction Colleen Garton 580
19 September 2023 IBM Commits to Train 2 Million in Artificial Intelligence in Three Years, with a Focus on Underrepresented Communities IBM Corporation 699
15 September 2023 Programming in ILE RPG - Creating and Using Files: Output Editing Jim Buck 753
12 September 2023 Celebrating 40 Years of Db2: Running the World’s Mission Critical Workloads IBM Corporation 1,015
12 September 2023 IBM Expands Cloud Security and Compliance Center to Help Clients Protect Data and Assess Risk Across Hybrid, Multicloud Environments IBM Corporation 831
06 September 2023 Low-code Buyer's Guide for Enterprise Application Development LANSA, An Idera, Inc. Company 629
06 September 2023 SQL 101: DML Recap—UPDATE, DELETE, and Recap Rafael Victoria-Pereira 929
05 September 2023 Fresche Security Suite Now Available Via Subscription Fresche Solutions 675
05 September 2023 How to detect and patch a Log4J vulnerability IBM Corporation 1,520
05 September 2023 IBM Receives FedRAMP Authorization for its Federal HR Shared Services Solution IBM Corporation 635
05 September 2023 IBM and Salesforce Team Up To Help Businesses Accelerate Adoption of Trustworthy AI IBM Corporation 782
22 August 2023 IBM Unveils watsonx Generative AI Capabilities to Accelerate Mainframe Application Modernization IBM Corporation 1,027
22 August 2023 Francisco Partners to Acquire The Weather Company Assets from IBM IBM Corporation 980
16 August 2023 Tech Project Management - The Different Kinds of Resources Colleen Garton 1,111
16 August 2023 The Five Characteristics of Organizations That Don’t Take IBM i Security Seriously Carol Woodbury 1,307
11 August 2023 The importance of IT cost management in modern organizations IBM Corporation 1,370
11 August 2023 IBM Plans to Make Llama 2 Available within its Watsonx AI and Data Platform IBM Corporation 1,105
11 August 2023 Embedded SQL Operations Using Free Format Jim Martin 1,364
11 August 2023 How to Modernize Fast and within Budget (Quick Guide) - Modernization vs. Migration LANSA, An Idera, Inc. Company 1,281
10 August 2023 IBM Completes Acquisition of Apptio Inc. IBM Corporation 1,062
10 August 2023 Join Us at NAViGATE 2023 for IBM i Education on the Oceanfront MC Press Website Staff 701
08 August 2023 Exclusive: IBM researchers easily trick ChatGPT into hacking MC Press Website Staff 1,356
08 August 2023 Kyndryl’s stock rallies more than 15% after IBM spinoff forecasts pretax profit this year Kyndryl 831
08 August 2023 How IBM and Cloudflare are Collaborating to Mitigate Bot-Based Security Threats IBM Corporation 1,107
08 August 2023 IBM statement on the Office of the National Cyber Director’s National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy IBM Corporation 1,174
04 August 2023 Practical SQL: Prepared Statement Magic Joe Pluta 915
03 August 2023 Fresche Solutions Launches Subscription-Based Licensing for IBM i Flagship Products Fresche Solutions 1,444
02 August 2023 PRACTICAL ILE - ILE: Calling One Program from Another David Shirey 688
31 July 2023 Froala V4.1: Empowering React, Angular, and Vue Developers with the Ultimate Rich Text Editor MC Press Website Staff 1,296
31 July 2023 IBM Receives Trusted Supplier Accreditation from the Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) for Embedded Security Services IBM Corporation 1,030
26 July 2023 Early Considerations in Forming a Cloud Governance Framework John Ghrist 1,399
26 July 2023 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Use Cases: Utilities Industry and Travel Industry Roger Sanders 845
26 July 2023 Artificial Intelligence, Part 6: Measuring Quality and Understanding Challenges Roger Sanders 480
24 July 2023 IBM Report: Half of Breached Organizations Unwilling to Increase Security Spend Despite Soaring Breach Costs IBM Corporation 701
21 July 2023 Zero-Trust Security for IBM i Carol Woodbury 1,719
21 July 2023 Program Flow Using Free Format, Part 2 Jim Martin 1,034
18 July 2023 IBM to Support Internal Revenue Services' (IRS) New $2.6B, IT Modernization Program IBM Corporation 1,084
12 July 2023 PRACTICAL ILE - ILE Subroutines to Sub-Procedures David Shirey 1,400
12 July 2023 TechTip: Real-Time Monitoring of Query Resource Consumption with Query Supervisor Sarah Mackenzie 1,124
03 July 2023 IBM Study: CEOs Embrace Generative AI as Productivity Jumps to the Top of their Agendas IBM Corporation 1,030
03 July 2023 IBM Quantum Computer Demonstrates Next Step Towards Moving Beyond Classical Supercomputing Simon Cruise 888
21 June 2023 Artificial Intelligence, Part 5: Deep Learning Roger Sanders 442
16 June 2023 Open Source Starter Guide for IBM i Developers: Language Basics Peter Helgren 477
16 June 2023 A Moment with Carol Woodbury: Taking the Mystery Out of Group Profiles Carol Woodbury 1,634
07 June 2023 Programming in ILE RPG - Externally Described Printer Files Jim Buck 847
07 June 2023 SQL 101: DML Recap: The Two “Flavors” of INSERT Rafael Victoria-Pereira 927
30 May 2023 CEO Matt Hicks On Red Hat Layoffs, IBM’s Open Source Vision MC Press Website Staff 1,726
30 May 2023 IBM to Grant $5 Million In-Kind for Schools to Boost Cybersecurity, Together with Enhanced Skilling on AI IBM Corporation 1,704