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Kevin Vandever


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Kevin Vandever

Kevin Vandever began his information technology career in 1984. Once a young, promising RPG programmer and consultant, he cranked out code, spoke at conferences, wrote articles, penned columns, and published the occasional book. Then, he moved into management. Now Kevin reviews code, approves conferences, and occasionally reads articles, columns, and books. His days are filled with words and phrases like “budgets,” “status,” “deadlines,” and “resource constraints” and no longer with technically charged words and phrases such as “loop,” “pointer,” “compile,” and “Who needs to test?” But no matter how far into management he’s gone, Kevin still finds time to interject into every single technical discussion—no matter what the technology, language, or system—the point that the issue could probably be solved using subfiles in RPG. Kevin blogs at kevinvandever.com and can be followed on Twitter at @kevinvandever.

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