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Integrated Custom Software began operations in 1985. Since then it has developed and marketed accounting packages, a user-definable data base package, a manufacturing job management package and other software packages including custom applications. ICS has offered FormSprint on the AS/400, now IBM i on Power Systems, since 1992 and has over 1,000 users representing most areas of commercial enterprise as well as government entities such as cities, counties, and school districts. The company's software reflects the company name, Integrated Custom Software. It produces fully integrated packages, not collections of utilities.ICS customizes its "off-the-shelf" packages and it produces specialized, totally unique packages to meet specific customer requirements. Programming efficiency and reliability is obtained by using ICS-developed programming tools and subroutines to provide highly structured, nonredundant processing. The result is rapid turn-around time for the development of new features or the correction of quality defects. When you call ICS, you talk to a person, not a machine. The goal is to provide outstanding technical support. That means everyone doing their best to answer your questions or solve your problems as quickly as possible, whether it appears to be an ICS product problem or not. Products constantly evolve in response to customer requests and technology changes. General software upgrades are released at least once a year to all customers with current support contracts.