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Heather Beck


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Heather Beck

Heather Beck has been supporting IBM i customers since 2001. After 12 years as a Technical Consultant for Bytware, Heather became a Product Support Manager for Help/Systems, focusing on the Bytware and CCSS product lines. Bytware pioneered automated monitoring and notification technology as well as developed the first and only server-based, native anti-virus solution for IBM i.


CCSS is a worldwide leader in IBM i System Performance Monitoring, Message Management, and Wireless Solutions. Heather supports the company's internal and external customers and business partners in all aspects of software selection, implementation, and configuration. Her mission is to identify your needs and deliver the tools and support to help you make your business the best it can be. She has conducted numerous trainings and workshops and continues to guide her teams with one goal in mind: to help you reduce data center costs by improving operational control.