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Symtrax Corp.


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Symtrax Corp.

Symtrax is a worldwide organization which produces and distributes multiplatform Output Management and Business Intelligence software. With user friendliness at the forefront, Symtrax software will create professional reports for better analysis and effective decision making. The two business critical areas that Symtrax focuses on are:

ERP Output Management for SAP, JD Edwards (JDE), Peoplesoft, Infor, MS Navision, System i (Power i) and others...
Compleo Suite - A multiplatform software that allows you to capitalise on spool files generated by your ERP, CRM, BMS, etc systems and convert these into business critical reports in PC formats such as Excel or PDF. Reformatted reports can then be distributed by email, fax or FTP without any manual intervention or programming knowledge.

Multiplatform Business Intelligence
StarQuery Suite - allows you to create reports directly in Excel from virtually any database. A powerful and user-friendly software that gives users access to real-time business critical information from the familiar interface of MS Excel or anytime anywhere through an Internet browser.

Symtrax also offer a range of Consultancy Services revolving around the above solution offerings to allow organisations to efficiently implement, optimise, and integrate the software to maximise the Return on Investment in the shortest possible time.

Our Software Development Principles
To ensure that their solutions are competitive, Symtrax's software development principles require that their solutions:

  • Improve user productivity and promote business efficiency
  • Are easy to use and easy to understand
  • Are easy to install, configure, and maintain
  • Are proven to be reliable and of an industrial strength
  • Are future proofed with a progressive R&D timetable and regular releases

The great advantage of these solutions is that they are easily integrated into your existing information structure, and do not require supplementary hardware and software investments.