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Touchtone Corp.

Companies want to retain valued customers at any time, but especially in a tough economy. That means reacting to customer needs quickly and effectively. To build strong customer relationships and drive sales while avoiding costly duplication of staff efforts, companies must ensure that any employee dealing directly with customers and prospects has access to all past contacts with the account.

A customer relationship management (CRM) solution can help achieve these goals by tracking phone calls, email and sales calls to give customer-facing employees the knowledge and insight they need. When implementing a CRM solution, however, integration to back-end business applications is critical to success. Otherwise, the CRM solution can become simply a data silo, making it difficult for the organization to realize the full benefits of the solution. At the same time, integrating applications from multiple vendors can be time-consuming and costly.

Midsize businesses require solutions that can keep those integration costs down. Touchtone Corporation addresses these challenges for the midmarket with the Wintouch CRM solution. Wintouch is designed to help organizations improve customer satisfaction and increase profitability while decreasing costs through pre-integration with the IBM® i platform.