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Don Yantzi and Nazmin Haji


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Don Yantzi and Nazmin Haji

Don Yantzi joined the AS/400 application development tools team in 1998 as a tester for the Java generation capabilities in the VisualAge for RPG compiler. In 2000, he started working on the design and development of the RSE. Since then, Don has held various positions within the team, including technical release lead for WDS and WDSC. Currently, Don is the technical lead for WDSC and Rational Developer for System i. Don is a frequent speaker at System i conferences and user group meetings and has published numerous articles on the RSE.

Nazmin Haji joined IBM in 1988 as a software developer working on the ILE RPG compiler on AS/400. She worked on CODE/400, specializing in RPG features and enhancements and WDSC, migrating functionality from CODE/400 to WDSC and adding new functionality to RSE. Nazmin has assumed several leading roles in the RSE team, including team lead and technical lead. Nazmin is a frequent speaker in conferences and user groups.

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