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Bsafe Information Systems 1983 Ltd. develops and markets data-security software products for IBM i (iSeries, AS/400), mainframe (zSeries) and for network security audit on multiple platforms.


The company was initially a pioneer in mainframe security with the SAFE product, offering previously unavailable security features to the VSE CICS environment. The CICS product line has expanded since its beginnings and continues to be available today as a high-end extension to the standard CICS-MVS security features, including field-level masking and protection, TCP/IP protection and a GUI manager interface.

In 1998 Bsafe expanded into the area of IBM midrange computers, then known as AS400. Bsafe/Global Security was released in 2001 and quickly became a clear leader of AS400 exit program solutions. The product was adopted rapidly, initially in Europe and then in the United States and beyond. Its unique GUI interface and comprehensive nature developed into the world-leading Bsafe/Enterprise Security product of today. The character of this and the company's other security and auditing products have been molded to a large degree by the ongoing waves of regulatory requirements issued since 2002 and the corporate obligations which have developed around them.

Today, Bsafe has accumulated vast experience in the field of data security, though the providing of numerous security solutions to large organizations with rigorous security demands including banks, health institutions and industry. Furthermore, Bsafe's on-going development in security technology enables it to provide new and comprehensive, state-of-the-art solutions for its clients.


In 2002 Bsafe signed a multi-national agreement with IBM procurement for the reselling of Bsafe products and in 2004 the US sales office was established. Latest product developments include software for network security audit and multiple platforms incorporating combinations of IBM i, mainframe, Windows, SQL Server, AIX and Linux systems.


We have customers and business partners throughout the US, Europe and Asia - more than 20 countries in total - and are constantly expanding our dealer network and client installed base.


Our Vision


We have set a goal to help our customers secure their data and resources against the complex threats that face them in this modern hi-tech world.


To achieve this, we demand our products to adhere to the following principles:

  • Complement and increase functionality of customer's existing security solutions.

  • Contribute to providing a global security solution for varied platforms. Enhance security from both internal (corporate network and intranet) and external (internet) threats.

  • Enable implementation without affecting existing customer business applications.

  • Provide a logical and intuitive interface for security management, maintenance and control.


With this in mind, we continue to expand our range of products to encompass new innovations and implementations of information technology. We also place great emphasis on responding to our customer's requirements. By merging the two, we believe we are able to invest our research and development resources today in those areas that will best enable our customers to respond to the demands of the future.